Join the Engage Team: Writers for #HealthforAll!

Welcome to the Engage Team: Effective grassroots writers winning majority public support for universal health care.

Make your voice heard online and in print, in the media (social and otherwise), and in the world.

Check out the Foundation’s values-based slideshow here for great ideas of how to write from your values, which invites others.

Facts alone won’t change people’s minds. According to cognitive scientist George Lakoff (and many others), we use values-based frameworks to make sense of our world. Check out his books: “Don’t think of an Elephant” and “The Little Blue Book.”

Write about your values AND the benefits of improved Medicare for All, single payer, and universal health care (#healthforall) in online comments, blogs, forums, and in letters to the editor and Op Eds. Check out some talking points here.

Engage team editors are glad to fact-check your  letter, blog, or comment in advance. If you’d like fact checking or editing suggestions, email with the subject “Engage!”

Extra! Extra: Some regions have a team of letter writers, and yours can too!  Contact your Community Organizer and let us know you’d like to volunteer with an Engage team of writers in your region: with the subject “Engage!”