Back in the Saddle: Colorado’s EVERYONE Campaign

While still brushing off the dust from the ColoradoCare Amendment 69 campaign in 2016, Coloradans are ready to get back in the saddle. With the uncertain future of the ACA, it is imperative that we be ready to create a plan that secures health care in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Things were already falling apart,” said Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care Campaign Coordinator Lyn Gullette. “Now they’re really falling apart. We need to be prepared.”

Analyses demonstrate a solution that guarantees necessary health care for everyone can be accomplished most successfully with a version of Medicare for all or single-payer. We need to campaign so the public is informed and willing; it needs to be politically feasible.

The Colorado plan is to run a bill through the legislature in 2018. The content of the bill is yet to be determined by coalition partners and the sponsoring legislators during this summer and fall. It could be something as simple as establishing that necessary health care for every Coloradan is a state obligation. The bill could be a re-written full proposal; or the bill could be something in between.

By spring of 2018, advocates will decide whether to make another attempt in the legislature or advance a Citizens’ Initiative in either 2019 or 2020. Under TABOR restrictions, only issues pertaining to taxation and revenues can be placed on a statewide ballot in an odd year, so we could qualify for that option.

As Gullette said, advocates will fight until everyone has health care.

“We’re not buying that it’s not politically feasible. Not while people are dying.”

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