Become a candidate liaison for universal health


  1. Provide all Colorado candidates, unaffiliated and from all political parties, for the 2020 elections with information about universal and single payer or Medicare-for-all type health care systems
  2. Offer your “adopted” candidates to be their personal, ongoing contact for information, materials and support
  3. Create a friendly, respectful relationship with the candidates while encouraging them to make health care finance reform a top issue in their campaign


We are interested in finding ways that every Coloradan could have comprehensive, affordable health care. We want elected officials to know that changing to a single-payer system of public financing is the best way to cut costs and cover everybody. If most of the candidates talk publicly about health care, in every corner of Colorado, 2 million Coloradans will increase their awareness of the problems and possibilities.

In early 2020, we will do an on-line survey of all the candidates about health reform issues. We want candidates to know about single-payer, Improved Medicare-for-all type systems so that they can provide thoughtful responses. The candidate’s responses will be reported to voters.


Candidate Liaisons will form alliances with candidates around health care issues. You can anticipate that your adopted candidate will look forward to hearing from you. Your interactions will be supportive, not confrontational. The candidates will come to trust that you provide accurate facts and insights that help them look smarter and well informed. Only if a candidate feels comfortable with a topic will the candidate be willing to talk about it. When candidates talk about it, the public listens and gets educated. When the candidate gets elected he, she, or they will have a connection to you and to our support organizations (Indivisible, Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care etc.).


  1. Read the information training packet and become skillful with the conversation about the facts and in engaging your candidate.
  2. Drop off an information handout to your adopted candidates (materials provided) and include your contact information.
  3. Develop and maintain a supportive and trusting relationship with your candidates for the duration of their candidacy—you decide what is appropriate for you with your time availability and/or what is requested from your candidates.
  4. Report quarterly to us (Virginia and Laurie) about your efforts.


You don’t have to know all of the answers. You’ll get support with information, access to people to answer your candidate’s questions, optional resource materials such as films or speakers, and some basic training and directions. You can choose the number and names of candidates to adopt. As much as possible, we want Candidate Liaisons to be constituents.

If you are willing to participate in this important—and no doubt interesting!!—project, welcome! Please contact:

Virginia Gebhart 303-880-3570 vgebhartk(at)

Laurie Beckel 303-909-8235 lfbdewdrop6852(at)