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A growing number of business owners support universal health care,
an improved Medicare for all-type health care financing system.

A former health insurance executive, Wendell Potter is now a powerful universal health advocate.

Businesses are one of the biggest winners in a universal health care system. Yet many existing business advocacy organizations, such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, do not support reform. Often business groups include companies like for-profit hospitals, pharmaceuticals, health insurance corporations–companies that benefit from health care’s current cost structure. It is important for business leaders who want reform to join with their peers independently of the present system.

In order to move support for universal health care past the tipping point, the business community’s support is essential.
The business community currently pays for the excessive cost of U.S. health care. People with health care insurance typically pay 60% more than the cost of care[1]. These bloated prices are not for better health care, as there only one “standard of care.” Rather, those high prices offset uncompensated care, support the huge administrative costs of a multi-payer system, and fund the strong profits that stakeholders demand in our present system.

Business leaders for universal health care represent the needs of employers and the self-employed, not the health care corporations. They support, either on a state or national level, an Improved Medicare for All-type health care financing system. They recognize the benefits of universal health care.

Universal health care:

  • Relieves businesses of the administrative responsibility for providing health care insurance
  • Makes health care expenses predictable
  • Makes health care affordable for small businesses and the self-employed
  • Greatly reduces overall health care expenses for businesses, their employees, and others
  • Improves outcomes and employee wellbeing due to greater emphasis on prevention and wellness

Why do we need reform?

  • Overall the USA pays more for healthcare than any developed nation, while trailing in access and outcomes
  • Medicare works well, is cost effective, and can be improved and expanded. People celebrate joining Medicare at age 65
  • Colorado hospital costs are among the highest in the nation, increasing over 76% in a recent seven-year period.
  • Colorado residents living in the western/mountainous parts of the state pay the highest insurance rates in the nation.
  • Colorado hospitals doubled their administrative costs between 2009 and 2016
  • By many measures, Colorado hospitals are among the most inefficient in the nation[2]

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By becoming a Business Member of the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care, you strengthen the movement for businesses to enjoy the benefits of universal health care. All business owners qualify, including people who are self-employed.

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In addition, if you have time, talking to and recruiting your friends, colleagues, and associates who are self-employed or own a business also helps grow the business voice for improved Medicare for all.

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  2. Denver Post. (Oct. 4, 2018) “Coloradans pay more as hospital building spree leads to empty beds and profits nearly twice the national average” .