The candidates on universal health care: Survey results

Voters can now see which Colorado candidates are universal health care champions. Find out who they are, and spread the word!

The Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care survey identifies Colorado candidates who plan to work toward universal health care.
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In a January Kaiser Health Tracking Poll, voters listed health care as the “most important issue” for candidates to discuss. To inform these voters, a Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care team of volunteers surveyed 745 candidates running for Colorado offices including governor, U.S. Congress, Colorado House and Colorado Senate, and various statewide and county offices. The over 100 candidates who responded were ranked based on their responses.

“While not every candidate responded to the survey, we are pleased to provide a spotlight on those candidates who strongly support creating an affordable health care system for Coloradans,” said volunteer Lyn Gullette, who coordinated the survey project. “Those candidates who took the time to spell out their views on a topic that’s so important to so many people did voters a great service.”

Based only on the survey responses, volunteers placed in each of the following categories:
Champion: Demonstrated a consistent commitment to universal health care.
Advocate: Demonstrated significant thought and active involvement in addressing cost containment and increased coverage with incremental changes, like a public option, rather than with a universal system.
Supporter: Indicated some support for incremental increases in coverage and affordability of health care.
Weak: Indicated an interest in increasing the affordability of health care but offered no clear position on approaches.
Opposed: Recommended limiting public support of health care or wanted to restrict or reduce current public health care services.

“Universal” is continuous health care, affordable to every Coloradan, in a sustainable, cost-effective system.

Summary of results

  • To address Coloradans’ inability to access health care because of cost, 70 percent offered to participate in planning efforts and 58 percent responded that when in office they would support state efforts to create a Colorado version of a Medicare-for-all or single-payer system.
  • 63 percent of candidates have discussed health care issues with business owners and executives; 60 percent have considered the cost savings of replacing the “middle-man” insurance system; and almost half (44 percent) have considered a specific plan to decouple health insurance from business.
  • To address disparities, 62 percent endorsed a single-payer or Medicare-for-all type system as the way to reduce overall costs and inequities; and 53 percent believe that legislation is needed to regulate insurance in order to ensure affordable coverage for everyone.
  • 51 percent of respondents actively support a Colorado version, yet to be developed, of a single-payer or Medicare-for-all system; half support versions of public options like Medicare X or Medicaid or Medicare buy-ins. Some endorse both a public option and a Colorado version of Medicare-for-all.

Candidates were invited to take the survey via three emails and many were also encouraged to participate in person or by phone.

Candidates who did not respond to the survey will have another chance to take it before the June primaries.

The survey project is non-partisan, and the Foundation does not endorse candidates.

The Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care champions a universal health care system, the simplest, most cost-effective way to pay for health care.

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