Help the CO campaign for Sanders’ Medicare for All Act

Let’s  show public demand for the improved Medicare for All Act specifically and universal health care in general so loudly and clearly that we’re impossible to ignore.

After introducing his improved Medicare for All Act on Sept. 13 with 16 cosponsors—more than would have been imaginable just a year ago—Sen. Bernie Sanders said he’d next take the national grassroots campaign to pass Medicare for All to the states.

Our job now is to take this legislation to every state in the country and hear what the people have to say,” he said.

You can read about the bill and link to the executive summary here. Click to read:  the full text of the bill.

And here is a link to the Sanders white paper on suggested ways to fund it.

The Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care is a Colorado coordinator for the grassroots campaign.* While the bill’s passing in this session seems unlikely, it will pass in the future if Congress represents the American people, who support it in increasing numbers: Sixty percent of Americans favor improved Medicare for All, while just 23 percent oppose it, according to a recent YouGovEconomist Poll.

The Foundation needs help planning events and rallies; writing letters to the editor and Op Eds; writing blogs and social media posts, planning speaking events, and creatively increasing majority public support for universal health care towards the tipping point.

Volunteer via the website and email if you’re willing to write letters or help plan rallies or events; if you’re willing to speak, and with other volunteer offers.

Progressive Democrats for America and Health Care for All Colorado are also Colorado coordinators for Bernie’s grassroots campaign for Medicare for All.

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