The Candidates on Universal Health: CO House of Representatives

Candidate Party District Score*
LONTINE, SUSAN Democratic HD-01 Champion
KILEY, MICHAEL Democratic HD-04 Champion
NADEL, MATTHEW Democratic HD-04 Champion
IRWIN, LOUIS Democratic HD-05 Champion
JUDD, JOEL Democratic HD-05 Champion
NUTTING, MEGHAN Democratic HD-05 Champion
THORN, GABRIEL Democratic HD-05 Champion
YOLLICK, NICKY Democratic HD-05 Champion
SIROTA, EMILY Democratic HD-09 Champion
WHEELAND, ASHLEY Democratic HD-09 Advocate
BERNETT, TRACEY Democratic HD-12 Champion
LEWIS, SONYA JAQUEZ Democratic HD-12 Champion
LISTON, LARRY Republican HD-16 Weak
SMITH, ANDREW Democratic HD-16 Champion
HOWBERT, DONALD Republican HD-18 Weak
JARNIG, KENT Democrat HD-20 Champion
BRAY, LUKE Unaffiliated HD-26 Supporter
ROBERTS, DYLAN Democratic HD-26 Champion
PHILLIPS, JACQUE Democratic HD-34 Advocate
KOLKER, CHRISTOPHER Democratic HD-38 Champion
SADLER, MATTHEW Unaffiliated HD-41 Champion
ROTHE, BARRETT Democratic HD-43 Advocate
HORIAGAN, TOM Democratic HD-43 Champion
AIKEN, SIMONE Democratic HD-44 Supporter
AJIBOYE, GBENGA Democratic HD-48 Champion
KELLY, THOMAS Libertarian HD-50 Opposed
CAGIN, SETH Democratic HD-58 Champion
BOBIAN, BRANDON Democratic HD-63 Champion

*Scoring Criteria:
Champion: Demonstrated a consistent commitment to universal health care.
Advocate: Demonstrated significant thought and active involvement in addressing cost containment and increased coverage with incremental changes, eg., a public option, rather than with a universal system.
Supporter: Indicated some support for incremental increases in coverage and affordability of health care.
Weak: Indicated an interest in increasing the affordability of health care but offered no clear position on approaches.
Opposed: Recommended limiting the role of public support of health care or wanted to restrict or reduce current public health care services.