Colorado candidates need health care info. You can help them.

On the campaign trail, candidates need to answer questions from voters desperate about health care. We’ve been there. Our goal is to partner with as many of the more than 500 Colorado candidates running for office in 2018 as we can. Candidates need to have accurate information about universal health care.

Candidate Liaisons develop relationships with candidates of all political persuasions because health care is a nonpartisan issue. As a Candidate Liaison, you will adopt one or several candidates for any office and provide them useful info on universal health care. It takes as much or little time as you and “your” candidates choose. Materials and support are provided, so this is a relatively easy way to have a major impact.

Picture it: Hundreds of candidates in forums, town halls, and living rooms throughout the state talking knowledgeably about universal health care with as many as 2 million voters. Some of those candidates will be elected and wiser because of their relationship with a Candidate Liaison.

Picture you: “Adopting” candidates or volunteering with behind-the-scenes tasks.

Contact Lyn Gullette today at to get started.

Be an advocate for key legislation: Organize grassroots advocates, testify at committee hearings, and/or meet with Colorado senators and representatives in home districts or at the Capitol. Contact Jim Potter:

You can also choose to be a Motivator: Attend candidate forums, meet-and-greets, etc. and publicly ask those running for office: What will you do to ensure that every Coloradan has affordable access to comprehensive health care?

A December 2017 poll finds that 48 percent of Americans named health care as a top problem for the government to focus on in 2018. Americans named up to five priorities, but aside from health care, no single issue was named by more than 31 percent. Candidates need to talk about health care! In 2017, 19 percent of Coloradans skipped treatment because of cost. Candidates need to talk about health care! In 2017, more than a million Coloradans were uninsured or under-insured. Candidates need to talk about health care! You can help them do just that.

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4 Responses to Colorado candidates need health care info. You can help them.

  1. As a candidate for the University of Colorado Board of Regents, I was asked to provide my opinions on Healthcare. While the topic isn’t reahlly within the context of the position itself, I posted this position paper on Facebook at:

    Immediately, thereafter, I received an email from this group asking for my opinions. Hence, I created this this forum reply.

  2. Eugene Barufkin says:

    Please post everything you’re doing on “Single Payer Health Care/Medicare For All” FB site –
    You all are doing GREAT work that needs to be an important guide for all states.
    The only way we will get congress do act on HR 676 and Senate Bill 915, is for about 25 states to have single/payer systems. . History proves, when 24 to 29 states take similar action, congress, out of embarrassment will act, if for no other reasons. . This was true for CHIPS expansion about 13 yrs ago and Mental Health Parity Act, about the same time.

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