Colorado Springs rocks City Hall for #HealthforAll

Colorado Springs 12-12 rally organizers Bethany Winder, RN, and Kristine Hembre, DO, were thrilled to see a crowd of at least 50, two TV cameras, and many supporters signing petitions calling for Colorado Sens. Michael Bennet and Cory Gardner to support Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All bill in the senate.

“It was really fun,” said Madi Jacobs, MD, who drove up from Florence for the Colorado Springs rally.

Colorado Springs rally organizers Bethany Winder, RN, and Kristine Hembre, DO, enjoy great weather and a fine turn out 12-12 in Colorado Springs.

“I ended up getting about 30 petition signatures, and Susan Phelps got 20. The crowd was definitely supportive of universal health care. I handed out a whole bag of buttons that people clipped right onto their clothes. We had three of the city council members sign the petition,” Jacobs said.

“Stephany Rose Spaulding and Betty Field both spoke, and they were both phenomenal,” Jacobs said of the candidates for the 5th Congressional seat now held by Rep. Doug Lamborn-R. “It was incredibly upbeat.”

Colorado Springs residents rally for #HealthforAll Dec. 12 outside City Hall.

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