Community Organizing for Universal Health

Activities and Ideas for advocating, educating, organizing


Book and discussion groups – examples:

Don’t think of an Elephant – George Lakoff
Little Blue Book – George Lakoff
Why Liberals Win (Even When They Lose Elections) – Stephen Prothero

Business cards with local and state contact information
Community organizing regular meetings
Connecting with volunteers through email, phone calls and personal contact
Corner demonstrations with signs
Election work – showing up and speaking out at forums, speeches, rallies
Facebook postings
Facebook event live streaming
House parties
Letters to the Editor
Legislative work
Meeting with other organizations
Meeting with candidates
Meeting with legislators
Nurse’s Day – roses and cards
Opinion pieces
Parades – floats and handouts – local and holiday celebrations
Phone calling
Postcards pre-addressed to elected officials
Presentations to other organizations
Presentation offered
Talks, discussions, power points, documentaries, short videos
Radio interviews
Radio open mike
Tabling – examples:
Earth Day
Farmers Markets

Video creations
Personal health care experiences
Health care abroad experiences

For: local access TV

Social media
Workshops on speaking out and advocacy

Presentations or meetings with the following Organizations

Chamber of Commerce
Democratic membership meeting
Homeless Organization
Humanist Group
Libraries (presentation location as well as resources)
Medical society
Community Mini-College (continuing ed for seniors)
Rotary club

Inter-sectional groups – sharing and supporting each other

Democratic party
Environmental groups – local and statewide, anti-fracking, anti-toxic waste, Sierra Club, clean energy
Health Care groups
Indivisible groups
Vegan Society
Our Revolution
Progressive Democrats of America
Democratic Socialists of America