Fundraise on Facebook

How to run a Facebook Fundraisers for the Foundation
Set up a fundraiser for the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care.

1.Go to our page, Look to the left and you’ll see Home, About, Fundraisers, etc.

Click on “Fundraisers.”

2. Scroll down, until you see “Raise Money” on the right side of the page. Click on “Raise Money.” It will bring up the form you need to fill out.

3. At the top of the form, where it asks, “Who is organizing the fundraiser.” Write in your name. Then it will ask, “Who are you raising money for,” write in “Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care.”

4. The next question is: “What is the title of your fundraiser.” You can write in “I’m raising money to help bring universal health care to our state or nation.” One of our fundraisers said she wanted to put an end to GoFundMe campaigns for medical expenses. You can check out the titles of the other fundraisers that have been held.

5. The next question is: “Why are you raising money?” Write something personal that might touch a chord in other people. You could also try to answer the question of why universal health care/Medicare For All is important to you. Also check out what other fundraisers have said.

6. Next question: pick out the amount of money you want to raise. Set a goal that will inspire others to donate.

7. Click on “Create.” There was a place to set an end date for the fundraiser, but I didn’t see it on this form. But even if you set an end date you can extend that to however long you want.

8. Share the fundraiser both on your timeline and by special invitation to your friends. The invites are very effective in getting people to donate.

9. Please note that you can edit the fundraiser after you’ve clicked on Create. If you’re completely unhappy with how you’ve done it, you can cancel it and create another.

10. It would be helpful to the Foundation if you included a link to our web site,

Tips on making it a successful fundraiser

1. Send an invitation to your fundraiser to your friends. It is a personal touch that pays off.

2. Re-share your fundraiser 2 – 3 times a week. Each time you share, include a personal reason why a universal health care system is important to you or give people an update on how much money you need to raise to meet your goal. This update is a reminder to your friends that your fundraiser is ongoing. These re-shares will go on your friend’s news feed and provide them with updates.

3. Write about your own compelling personal health care story. If you are a diabetic, you can talk about the continually rising price of insulin. If you are a medical professional or student, you likely have amazing personal stories to tell about your patients.

4. Your birthday is a good focus for launching your fundraiser. Start the fundraiser a few weeks before your birthday and use your birthday as an end date.

5. Have enthusiasm for your fundraiser. If you’re not excited about raising money for the Foundation, then you can’t expect your friends to show much enthusiasm either. Let people know that the Foundation is an effective organization working on behalf of a state-based universal health care system.

6. Thank each person who donates to your fundraiser. It’s critical to let people know you appreciate their contributions AND it let’s other people see that you care.

7. Like all the comments that are made on your fundraiser and respond to them.

8. When the fundraiser is over, send out a note to your friends that you appreciate their help.

9. If you need extra help, please call or write to me, Patricia Rice, 303.673.9101, parice(at) Use “Facebook Fundraising Help” in the subject line.