Fair Price for Medications Full Pledge

Fair Price for Medications Pledge

Congressional pledge to vote to legalize Canadian imports

Click here to sign the petition asking Colorado Senators
Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet to sign this pledge.

I pledge to stand up for Coloradans and stand up to the pharmaceutical industry by supporting legislation that allows patients and pharmacies to import medications from Canadian pharmacies and pay the same fair price for medications as Canadians.

My support includes:

  • Opposition to any trick administrative requirements that would block the implementation.
  • Limiting safety provisions to situations where these is evidence of a specific safety issue, and requiring that the safety issue raised would include a reasonable provision for resolving the specific issue.
  • Opposition to adding regulatory procedures that would cause Americans to pay more than 2% more than Canadians do for medications.
  • Opposition to any Legislative or parliamentary maneuvers, reconciliations, negotiations, compromises, or other procedures that would kill the Legislation after passage.
  • Pushing for immediate implementation before any more Americans suffer or die. Right now, Americans are dying as a result of the pharmaceutical industry’s rigged market and price gouging.V3.0, 2.20.17sw
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