Large crowd rallies Dec. 12 in Fort Collins

by Cherry Sokoloski

Almost 150 people rallied for Improved Medicare for All on Tuesday, Dec. 12 in Old Town

Photo by Cherry Sokoloski: Nancy York holds a sign as CD-2 candidate Joe Neguse speaks for how #HealthforAll would save money and lives.

Fort Collins. The enthusiastic crowd heard encouraging words from eight speakers and also rocked the Oak Street Plaza with a sing-along. The rally was part of a worldwide event recognizing the fifth anniversary of a United National resolution. The resolution, which passed unanimously, advocates for every country to establish universal health care.

Dr. Glenn Pearson, a Fort Collins physician who has been working for universal health care for more than 25 years, reminded the audience that the country’s wasteful health care system is “killing our government’s ability to pay for everything else,” a situation that will only get worse. He bemoaned the fact that “only in America do we put profits over patients.”

Larson Ross speaks for #HealthforAll Dec. 12 in Fort Collins.

Andrew Boesenecker, a former minister, told his personal health care story. When his wife had a serious medical emergency, he had to sign a form promising to pay the hospital bill in case his insurance did not. “I was forced to make a choice that was really not a choice at all,” he said. “We can do so much better.”

Jacki Marsh, newly elected mayor of Loveland, had a dramatic story as well. She was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy at a young age, and because she needed continuing medical care – and insurance — for that condition, she was forced to stay in an unhappy marriage and in jobs that were bad for her health.

Photo by Cherry Sokoloski: Long time Fort Collins activist Gina Janett sports the classic “Rich Uncle Pennybags, or Mr. Monopoly, to show that the 1 percent is stealing everything from the American people, including access to quality health care.

Each of us has potential and a destiny,” Marsh stated, and these should not be cut off because of a dysfunctional health care and insurance system. “We are all slaves to the health care system,” she said.

The Fort Collins rally, one of five in Colorado, was organized by the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care.

Incidentally, five dogs attended both the Fort Collins rally, and the Durango rally. Dogs want their people healthy because it means more walks and more fetch.

Photo by Chris Winslow, FC Public media

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