Foundation names Dr. Sen. Aguilar People’s Health Care Champion

She’s fought for more than a decade for all of us to have health care.


That’s why on Aug. 29 in Denver, the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care named Sen. Irene Aguilar, MD the People’s Health Care Champion.

“For more than a decade, Irene Aguilar has shown courage and dedication standing up for the health of all Coloradans,” said Ivan J. Miller, Ph.D., executive director of the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care, presenter of the award.

“Dr. Sen. Aguilar kept her eyes on the prize during her eight years serving the people of Colorado in the Senate, introducing legislation for universal care four times while supporting the health of all Coloradans in a variety of ways.

“She is a true champion of the people,” Miller said.

For highlights from Sen./Dr. Aguilar’s quest for universal care click here.

  • 2007: Serving as Co-chair of the Vulnerable Populations Task Force for the Colorado Blue Ribbon Commission on Health Care Reform, (the 208 Commission), Dr. Aguilar gained an in-depth understanding of how health care is funded in the U.S. and Colorado.
  • 2008: Angered by the 208 Commission’s unwillingness to support a single payer system (the only proposal that would solve the serious health care system’s problems), Dr. Aguilar became active in Health Care for All Coloradans and worked with Rep. John Kefalas to write legislation for universal health care.
  • 2008: As President of Health Care for All Colorado, she led the movement for universal health care in Colorado.
  • 2010: When she couldn’t find a legislator to sponsor universal health care legislation, Dr. Aguilar filled a vacant seat in the Colorado Senate, winning re-election twice, so that she could introduce legislation herself.
  • 2010-2018: Sen. Dr. Aguilar served eight years in the Colorado Legislature, two as Chair of the Health and Human Services Committee. She soon became the legislature’s health policy expert, respected on both sides of the aisle. She introduced universal health care legislation four times, resisting pressure from the establishment to stop talking about it. Thanks to her leadership, Amendment 69 and ColoradoCare were developed and prepared for a citizen’s initiative.
  • As a lead spokesperson for the Amendment 69 campaign, Dr. Aguilar spoke and campaigned all over Colorado on how universal health could meet every Coloradan’s health care needs.


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