From volunteers to powerteers

Empowered volunteers key to winning health care for all

by Lyn Gullette

WE are MORE than volunteers. We are “powerteers” who do the work required, loudly or quietly, in the spotlight or behind the scenes, to achieve a universal health care system. Specialty teams for speakers, communications, grassroots writers, social media, research, high-impact events; nurses and physicians; regional organizers; fundraisers; and numerous projects are all in various stages of reorganization.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of what we are doing. Health and health justice impact every element of life. I urge you, at this juncture in time, to lead and to join other progressives and conservatives to connect the dots and to build relationships, partnerships, and coalitions.

Our work: Increase awareness of the current situation, instill hope with recommended solutions; grow the base of activists; build leadership (AHAL+). In addition, our work includes supporting national and other states’ efforts. We know our communities and are learning (sometimes by trial and error) where we can best leverage influence to accomplish our work.  If we do this work well, we will succeed when it’s time to put the frosting on the cake.  I encourage each of you to read the Bill Moyer Movement Action Plan,  especially stage 6.

This is an exciting and precarious time.  You are doing noble work, with amazing colleagues.  Stay connected with Elaine Branjord, Coordinator of the Regional Organizers; with Ivan Miller, Executive Director of the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care ; with Nancy Spillane, newsletter editor; and, of course with me, volunteer coordinator

We’re going all the way.

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