The Candidates on Universal Health: Governor’s race

Candidate Party Score*
BLANCHARD, RENEE Democratic Weak
BRAUN, ERICH Republican Champion
CUNNINGHAM, KATHLEEN Unaffiliated Supporter
FRENCH, JOHN Unaffiliated Weak
GAITER, LEW Republican Weak
GARRITY, ADAM Democratic Champion
GINSBURG, NOEL Democratic Advocate
HAMMONS, WILLIAM Unity Party Champion
JOHNSTON, MICHAEL Democratic Advocate
KEAR, TERI Republican Supporter
KENNEDY, CARY Democratic Advocate
LOPEZ, GREG Republican Weak
POLIS, JARED Democratic Champion
RUNDBERG, JIM Republican Weak
UNDERWOOD, ERIK Democratic Champion

*Scoring Criteria:
Champion: Demonstrated a consistent commitment to universal health care.
Advocate: Demonstrated significant thought and active involvement in addressing cost containment and increased coverage with incremental changes, eg., a public option, rather than with a universal system.
Supporter: Indicated some support for incremental increases in coverage and affordability of health care.
Weak: Indicated an interest in increasing the affordability of health care but offered no clear position on approaches.
Opposed: Recommended limiting the role of public support of health care or wanted to restrict or reduce current public health care services.