Hang Tough During Washington’s Delay and Destroy Tactics

by Lyn Gullette, Campaign Coordinator

Hang tough. Those of us who want everyone to have health care are being tested by the national shifting winds. We need a system that takes responsibility for access to health care for everyone, for life.

We will lose if we are distracted by trying to change policy, describe policy, create policy, or explain the deficiencies of policy. The current insurance-based system covers health care as a means of making money. It does not take responsibility for access to health care.

We need to talk about responsibility. A system that takes responsibility finds ways to provide timely, effective, affordable access while focusing on cost savings, quality and user friendliness. The system must be sustainable and that includes caring for patients and providers while being fiscally sound.

Emma Buckley, Laurie Beckel, Liz Bogers, Lyn Gullette, and Kiki Buckley march June 3 in the Idaho Springs Parade.

We can so easily be distracted by choices between the ACA and AHCA and further among all the individual aspects of each. And we hear calls for a public option. None of those discussions are about covering everyone! None are about responsibility.

Teaser messages about Sen. Bernie Sanders’ upcoming introduction of an Improved Medicare for All bill suggest that it will be more practical than Rep. Conyers’ HB-676. Similar to Amendment 69, Colorado Care, Sanders’ would allow private ownership of medical facilities and use co-pays when appropriate.

Do we work for Conyers’ bill or for Sanders’ bill? BOTH. And we need a Colorado version of Medicare for All because the politics of Washington are caught up in delay and destroy.

Hang tough.  Health care for everyone, for life.

~Lyn Gullette

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