Health Care conversation starters

Questions for hosting a Living Room Conversation on Health Care

*Note: While Living Room Conversations offers some suggested questions for the topic of health care, the Purple People group recommends replacing part 3 of the questions with these:

  • How would you define health and its importance to you?
  • Imagine an ideal health care system: What would that look like for you?
  • What should be the purpose of the U.S. health care system?
  • What types of health care services are most important to you?  Is that likely to change over time?  If so, how?   [Examples:  primary and preventive care, emergency care, intensive care, mental health care, long term care]
  • How much is reasonable for a relatively healthy person to pay for health care coverage and basic services in a year?
  • How much is reasonable for someone with a chronic condition or disability to pay for health care coverage and services in a year?
  • What, if any, limits should there be on how much health care a person should be able to receive in a lifetime if he or she cannot pay for it, even with insurance?
  • What, if any, limits should there be on how much health insurers, providers, pharmaceutical companies and other third parties can charge for health services and products?
  • How do we pay for health care now?
  • What is the role or purpose of health insurance (collective risk)?
  • How do we insure or pay for health care for unknown or unexpected health care needs (that can happen to anyone)?
  • What role do you feel good health plays in your role as breadwinner?
  • How would you and your family achieve financial independence if your health fails, you develop a disability or become unemployable?
  • Could universal health care provide a safety net for you and your family?