How improved Medicare for All would help counties


  1. County governments would no longer be required to manage Medicaid, which would be incorporated into an Improved Medicare for All program.
  2. Comprehensive funding for mental health care would be a component of an Improved Medicare for All program, freeing up limited county funds for other services.
  3. The county would no longer need to fund the cost of physical and mental health care for inmates in county jails.
  4. Improved mental health funding would help reduce the number of people who are incarcerated. (Statistics show a high number of inmates suffer from mental health issues.)
  5. Improved mental health funding, including new inpatient and outpatient clinics and residential facilities, would reduce the homeless population, many of whom suffer from mental health issues.
  6. A positive “ripple effect”. Other county funded social service programs would see a higher level of success when those who need help in other areas (employment, transportation, physical disabilities, etc.) are not also burdened with the cost and complexity of our current health care system.
  7. Counties, as major employers, are typically paying between 11%-15% of payroll to cover a comprehensive health care plan (whether self-funded or through private insurance) for employees (on top of what the employee pays). Cost for counties would be significantly less under Improved Medicare for All, frequently projected at 7-8% of payroll for the employers share.
  8. County governments would no longer need to waste time and money on annual reviews and changes to the health insurance plans, an exercise that typically is bad for organizational moral. Management of a health care insurance plan would no longer be the responsibility of the county as an employer.
  9. Reasonable and predictable annual cost increases needed to pay for health insurance plans would no longer pull money away from potential wage increases for county employees.
  10. Money not spent on health care related costs can fund other county services without raising taxes.

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