INDIVISIBLE a growing force for liberty, health care justice

By Virginia Gebhart

INDIVISIBLE is a practical guide for resisting the agenda of the current administration. On the brighter side, President Trump has stated his intention to make sure everyone has health care. It is important that we let his administration know what our health care needs are.

Former congressional staffers revealing best practices for making Congress listen have created Indivisible. It gives everyone marching orders to do what they can. It will be effective because it will be in concert with thousands of others across the country.

I already have taken part in three actions against Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal driven by INDIVISIBLE: A demonstration at Cory Gardner’s office in Denver, a rally put on by Diana DeGette, and the rally on Jan 15 by INDIVISIBLE Front Range Resistance on the Capitol steps. Each of these events had hundreds of participants.

We urge organizers to sign up for INDIVISIBLE email blasts for two reasons: First, they are on it when it comes to the immediate unfolding repeal train wreck in Washington. Our volunteer base can be activated to participate in actions that are part of the national movement against repeal and for health care reform. Secondly, regional organizers plan to also send emails regularly when we have local actions of our own or in conjunction with an area INDIVISIBLE group.

Individuals can choose to do what they want to do, gain some confidence, and choose to do more.  People can choose to be active via their phone calls, letter writing, etc. or they can choose to be active in the streets. This is a great model for building activists from our volunteer list.

Click here for a link to their website where you can search for a nearby group in the network. Just within 100 miles of Boulder there are over 90 INDIVISIBLE groups. You can also join them on Facebook.

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