Legislative news: Health Care Cost Savings Act a go

The voters put Universal Health Care on the table.

And you kept it there: A bill that would compare benefits and costs of two different Colorado universal health care systems with the current system has passed both House and Senate and Gov. Jared Polis has signed it.

Read more here about the bill here.

This handy chart shows what the Health Care Cost Savings Act will reveal

The Health Care Cost Savings Act was introduced into the Colorado House Feb. 13 by co-prime sponsors Reps. Emily Sirota and Sonya Jaquez Lewis! Sen. Mike Foote sponsored the bill in the state Senate.

With an eye toward helping all Coloradans have affordable health care, the bill authorizes a study of three types of health care systems: the current health care system, universal coverage through nonprofit insurance companies financed by a public authority, and a publicly finance privately delivered universal health care system.

Clear data will help us choose a path forward in which more Coloradans have health care that costs less!

Thank Reps. Emily Sirota, Sonya Jaquez Lewis and Sen. Mike Foote for taking action for the well-being of Coloradans!

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