Local govt. resolutions for improved Medicare for All

City and County resolutions for universal health care show how the current broken health care system is spending our tax dollars and crushing local budgets. The Foundation

Grand County Commissioner Rich Cimino shares his experiences re: county health care expenses June 29 in conference session on local resolutions for universal health care. Photo by Darral Freund.

joins Public Citizen and local Colorado groups including Our Revolution and Democratic Socialists of America in the campaign to show how improved Medicare for All could save cities (and counties,  school districts, and special districts) millions.  Join or form a team to work with your local elected officials on a resolution. For more information contact Rich Shannon at rshannon(at)frii.com.

Get started: Here’s how

Check out this excellent resolution the Town Council of Crested Butte, Colorado just passed.

Here’s a sample resolution for improved Medicare for All (PDF)

Here’s a link to a sample resolution in Word.

Here’s how improved Medicare for All would help county budgets