Medical Professionals for Universal Health Care

State Rep. Yadira Caraveo, MD, shares her thoughts on “Engaging Elected Officials” June 29 at the 4th Annual Universal Health Care Conference in Denver. Photo by Darral Freund.

Medical Professionals are on the front line of the US health care crisis, and we can make a difference.  We have seen the corporatization of health care. We have been ground to powder fighting a continuous battle to get basic care for our patients.  For that reason, the Foundation started this statewide group to educate our colleagues about universal health care, advocate real change in this broken system and educate the general population about why we need universal health care. People listen to us. They value our opinions and experience. We can spread the word that a health care system should be about health care, not the denial of care. Help us help our patients. We have monthly phone meetings, where we share our experiences and pool our resources. We have a petition for medical professionals you can sign to show your support. For further information, feel free to contact Dr. Madeleine Jacobs, MD, drdharmamadikf(at)