Neurosurgeon’s RX for fixing health care

Geroge Bohmfalk, MD

Dr. George Bohmfalk practiced neurosurgery in Texas before retiring to divide his years between Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley and Charlotte, NC. In addition to being a member of  the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care, he is active in Physicians for a National Health Program (, a physician-driven group advocating for a single-payer health care system. He may be contacted at

Part 1. Is there a moral basis for universal health care?

Part 2. Where do we stand now with health care?

Part 3. Follow the money to health care’s undo administrative costs

Part 4. Having ‘skin in the game’ not smartest way to run health care

Part 5. Single payer health care likely less disruptive, better for the economy

Now: What can I do to make Medicare for All happen?



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