New speakers’ workshops add values to community building

Ever wanted to bring up why you support universal health care — say with friends or coworkers—and found yourself feeling strangely awkward and silent?

Speaking up about our values — e.g. everyone should have health care — gets easier with prep and practice.

Rich Shannon speaks up for improved Medicare for all in this video by Foundation volunteer Phil Maior:

That’s why some of the Foundation’s best public speakers have teamed up to offer a workshop called “Speaking Out for Health Care for All and for Our Values.”

If you’ll host, and know a handful of willing participants, these speaker-teachers will travel to your city or town. The maximum number of participants is 12, and the workshop is four hours long.

After the workshop, each participant has access to a Speaker’s Toolkit of universal health care and public speaking tools and resources.

“We hope seasoned as well as novice public speakers will participate so that we can share experiences and learn from each other,” said Speakers Team Coordinator Nancy Reed, who facilitates the workshop alongside her husband, Jim Potter, who coordinates the Foundation’s legislative action efforts.

Rich Shannon of Fort Collins (another seasoned public speaker) rounds out the trio.

“The workshop will help people be more comfortable and confident in speaking out for health care for all with their friends, acquaintances and in small informal gatherings or in front of organized audiences — whatever their comfort level is,” Reed said.

The workshops can seed local organizing efforts also, by bringing together like-minded volunteers. An organizing tool for communities, it requires little of the host except to invite and keep track of participants. If a local organizer can follow up, the workshop can help to build a core regional group for networking and action.

Contact or call 719-942-3912 to learn more or schedule a workshop.

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