‘Now is the Time’ movie tour

Action suggestions with ‘Now is the Time’

“Now is the Time: Health Care for Everybody” is a film that “lifts the fog of resignation and inspires its viewers to show up and step into action.”

Make a difference:

  1. Order the film (www.edvideoplus.com) and lend it to friends and neighbors.
  2. Watch the film. Notice which parts were most impactful to you.
  3. Post your reactions and amplify the message on FB, twitter, etc.
  4. Make a donation to www.couniversalhealth.org to help spread the message.

The goal: Increase public awareness about how the current health care coverage system is unsustainable—financially, socially, morally and politically. Increase awareness until a tipping point is reached and 65 percent of Coloradans in each neighborhood, county, political district, and the state are familiar with the concept of universal health care. Target date: Nov. 1, 2017.

“Now is the Time…” is educational and motivational and provides an easy way to increase public awareness.

Get even more involved:

  1. Connect with your Regional Organizer (or become one if needed!)
  2. Host a screening “house party.” Just invite people, show the movie and have a discussion OR follow the great tips for hosting a really great event available at www.nowisthetimemovie.com. You can buy a terrific move screening kit online, as well as download your own publicity poster. Encourage attendees to sign up to volunteer with the Foundation or to host their own house parties!
  3. Write a letter to the editor in advance, following, or independently of any house parties.
  4. Lend the DVD to a local elected official or news reporter.
  5. Arrange for a showing at a faith group gathering, book club, senior center, civic club, political party gatherings (especially those concerned with the platform development).
  6. Post your reactions and amplify the message on all the FB groups to which you belong, promote universal health care at townhalls, pass out fliers at public events, and include info when tabling.
  7. Include universal health care in the actions of multiple progressive groups. Carry signs in marches. Order the DVD of the song “Now is the Time for We the People” by Robert Wickline and play loudly! (Since the song is the second track of our progressive digital CD, “WAKE UP AMERICA! We shall reap what we sow,” anyone can access the song and play it from the digital: https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/wickline4

Be a super info conductor:

  1. Select two or three compatriots, watch the film, and strategize all the ways you can amplify the message for universal health care. Work with your regional organizer and all the volunteers you can find to get creative or even outrageous in fun ways. Hold teach-ins, die-ins, protests, forums, concerts, etc. Saturate your area with information, motivation and hope.