Sign our petition for Universal Health Care

For universal health care

Let the world (and your elected officials) know you support quality affordable health care for every Coloradan via a universal health care payment system. Sign here.

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5 Responses to Sign our petition for Universal Health Care

  1. Portia Drantch says:

    Everyone deserves healthcare!

  2. Donna Young says:

    Of course, we need to provide health care for everyone. Let’s make it happen.

  3. Janice Brown says:

    As a retired RN, I’ve been fighting for universal health care for almost 50 years. The only thing the insurance industry ever did for health care is increase the costs and denied care!

  4. F. Loft says:

    I support universal health care such as found in my countries. My husband and I have both been treated on different times in English hospitals and the experience was very good plus the great part of not having to pay huge fees for emergency service is really great too.

  5. Janice Brown says:

    The only thing the insurance industry has brought to health care are higher prices and denial of care! Pharmaceuticals are costing a fortune! Big pharma claims R & D costs but as a retired RN I know most R & D is supported by the NIH and done by the universities. Big pharma is very GREEDY!

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