Providers will do well under Sanders’ Medicare for All plan

Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care Executive Director Ivan J. Miller smelled a rat.

Charles Blahous from the Koch-funded Mercatus Center recently published an analysis of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All bill. In it, Blahous claimed that Sanders’ plan would cut providers’ income 40 percent.

The Washington Post Fact Checker fell for the deception and declared the Mercatus Center a reliable analysis and the Sanders’ plan unreasonable. Based on the authority of the Fact Checker, the meme, “Sanders’ plan cuts payments to providers by 40%,” is circulating the media world.
The Koch-funded study ignored the fact that providers would no longer need an army of clerks to wrangle with thousands of insurance companies.
The Foundation’s Dr. Miller dug into the Mercatus paper and discovered that Blahous omitted some important data:
  • The Mercatus paper ignored the fact that providers would see huge savings under Bernie’s plan, as they would under any single payer plan. Providers would no longer need an army of clerks to wrangle with thousands of insurance companies.¬†¬†
  • Today, physicians lose 4.5 percent per year of what they’re owed as “uncompensated care.” Under Bernie’s plan, because physicians would be paid for every single patient they treat, they’d gain this income back. Blahous omitted this piece of data too.
Dr. Miller shows that AT THE SAME TIME that it results in insurance payments to providers decreasing by 40 percent, Sanders’ plan would maintain and even increase providers’ net income.
In other words, Sanders’ plan increases other payments and cuts provider expenses so much that providers net income is about the same or more in Sanders Medicare for All plan than in the current system.
The meme is therefore both false and misleading. Single-payer opponents such as the Koch brothers wanted to mislead Americans. The Washington Post Fact Checker fell for it.
But you don’t have to.
Write a letter to the editor or an Op Ed. Make the truth known. And help us get the word out.

Improved Medicare for All’s time has come.

It’s time that providers can help ALL lives and save money too.
Dr. Miller has asked the Washington Post to issue a correction and explained how provider income would be maintained or increased under the Sanders’ plan. Read his open letter to the Post fact checker¬†here.
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