Rally like a nurse: Health care for ALL!

Check out our photo gallery from the May 6 rallies for universal health care.
Read more about what the nurses had to say here.

Photo by Darral Freund: Nurses and supporters march May 6 around the Colorado state Capitol for universal health care! The events in Denver and Fort Collins kicked of National Nurses Week. Nurses, the most trusted professionals in America, support universal health care!

On Sunday May 6 in both Denver and Fort Collins, the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care hosted rallies to kick of National Nurses Week.

Nurses, the most trusted professionals in America, think health care should be a community resource, not a commodity. Everyone should have access to quality health care each can afford. To deny health care is immoral, and yet, without universal health care, in America corporate greed causes over 1 million Coloradans to either suffer, die, or go bankrupt each year, and all of us pay to much for too little.

Nurses, who Americans trust to have their best interest at heart, want ALL Americans to have access to health care!

Photo by Darral Freund: Nurse and Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care Board member Ashley Pofit speaks out for universal health May 6.

Thanks to partners Progressive Democrats of America, Health Care for All Colorado, National Nurses United, the Democratic Socialists of America Denver and Fort Collins, and others for rallying together in this growing movement for universal health care/improved Medicare for All!

Click here for more photos. And contribute today so we can build the movement for universal health care until everyone wins.

Photo by Darral Freund: Supporters listen May 6 at the Colorado Capitol as nurses speak out for universal health care.

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