Research Committee

Mike Kone, M.A., Research Team Leader

Mike Kone’s background includes work as a professional researcher, economics instructor, and small business owner. During the lead-up to the 2008 housing market crash, he was widely quoted in the press for his concerns that were unfortunately validated.

As leader of the Research Team, he is excited to merge his background in data reporting and statistical analysis with his commitment to health care for everyone. Mike sees the Research Team as working to provide volunteers in the fight for universal health care with supporting research materials for presentations and media releases.

His academic background from the University of Connecticut includes an undergraduate degree in Mathematics, and both a bachelors and masters degree in economics. He also completed additional coursework that included a focus on health care economics. At the same time, he taught a number of college courses with a focus on microeconomics.  Research positions have included the Life Insurance Marketing Research Association, The Genesis Group, and Housingmetrics.

In addition to his research interests, Mike also is a small business owner. He is keenly aware of the difficulty entrepreneurs face in procuring affordable health care.


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  1. Laurie Beckel says:

    Hi Mike

    In a discussion with a friend recently, he suggested that people may not join the ranks of the employed because they don’t want to loose their Medicaid. Is there any research to support this claim?
    Thank you,

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