The Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care develops ideas for, and educates the public about, health care development proposals that provide quality universal coverage, are fiscally responsible, and are advantageous to consumers, providers and employers.

The Foundation commissions research to empower Coloradans with information to help policy makers and citizens choose sustainable, universal health care that is beneficial to all.

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  1. Bruce Harshberger says:

    I am all for universal health care insurance, having lived with it in Canada. I know it works. I want Colorado to start a universal health care plan like Saskatchewan did in 1962 and it spread to the rest of Canada. I want to concentrate my support, but I am conflicted. Colorado has two groups pushing for universal health care: Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care and Health Care for All Colorado. Which shall I support? How do they differ? Help.

    • admin says:

      Hi Bruce, Both groups have talented, good people working hard for universal health care. The most significant difference is this: The Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care (CO4UHC) is the only group working on a Colorado universal health care plan because we, like you, believe that states may may need to lead the way on getting this done.

      Health Care for All Colorado (HCAC) works to support winning national improved Medicare for All (as do we), but without the parallel focus on a Colorado plan.

      I hope this helps. Thanks for your support for the cause!

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