Sample Local Resolution for Improved Medicare for All —Full Support of IMFA

Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care

November 14, 2019

Below is an example of a relatively simple local resolution including potential “whereas” clauses that you may decide to include based on your community circumstances. Feel free to adapt and/or write your own resolution based on what makes most sense for your local jurisdiction. The exact content of the resolution is less important than affirming the general principle that your local government supports the need for meaningful, affordable universal health care in the form of Improved Medicare for All and communicates that to your county, state and federal elected officials. Variations of this resolution can also be used by school districts. See accompanying position paper on the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care web site for additional talking points and suggestions.


OF THE CITY (OR COUNTY) OF ____________

Whereas, all (city/county name) residents should have access to a state or national not-for-profit health care financing system that pays for comprehensive, high-quality, affordable health care.

Whereas, the high cost and complexity of the many programs currently funding health care in America are failing to meet the needs of too many individuals, families and businesses in __________ and the nation.

Whereas, the City Council no longer believes adjustments to our current health care financing system can produce the results needed and believes a dramatic change in approach to financing health care is needed.

Whereas, an ultimate solution to the problem will be at the national level, the current pain inflicted by our dysfunctional health care system is very local and directly impacting _____________residents.

Whereas, the City Council further agrees with Warren Buffett, Jamie Dimon, and Jeff Bezos, in their January 2018 press release, that health care should be “free from profit making incentives and constraints.”

Whereas, a publicly funded health care program should obtain revenues from a variety of public sources which, in combination, are progressive in nature and result in everyone paying to fund health care based on their ability to pay.

Whereas, a state or national health care system should reduce the current heavy reliance on employee and employer payroll deductions and seek other public sources of revenue in order to reduce the burden on businesses.

Whereas, many small businesses in __________ struggle to attract and retain employees because employees are often looking for jobs with health care benefits.

Whereas, America’s current health care system robs many individuals and families in _________ of the freedom to live the lives they want to live.

Whereas, a high-quality state or national health care financing system should be designed such that no __________ resident will ever need to incur bankruptcy or be forced into homelessness due to inability to pay medical bills.

Whereas, ___________ residents should not have their access to affordable health care dictated by their employment status.

Whereas, ___________ residents should not have to worry about loss of affordable health care when making decisions regarding marriage and divorce.

Whereas, ___________ individuals should have the freedom to change their employment status in order to care for elderly, sick or young family members without concern about losing access to affordable health care.

Whereas, the high cost of health care is a significant factor in the inability of ___________ residents to find affordable housing.

Whereas, the scope of services for a new state or national health care system should exceed that currently provided by Medicaid, the program serving low income members of our community and the state of Colorado, and thus include, for example, coverage for vision, dental, hearing and long term care.

Whereas, a state or national universal health care financing plan should set compensation for licensed health care providers at levels that result in net income that will attract and retain necessary health care professionals.

Whereas, the _________ economy would benefit when entrepreneurs have the freedom to pursue their vision without being constrained by the potential loss of health care for themselves and their family if they leave existing employment.

Whereas, the cost and complexity of providing health care for our employees is a significant issue each year for the City of ________, limiting our ability to provide other necessary services to residents.

Whereas, the public deserves the ability to review an independently evaluated model (or models) of Improved Medicare for All to understand what services could be funded, what public revenue sources could be utilized to fund it, the probable cost to individuals, families and businesses and how the transition would take place in order to compare Improved Medicare for All to the existing patchwork of health care financing programs across the state and the nation.


  1. The ____________ City Council expresses its strong support for Improved Medicare for All as the best method of providing comprehensive, affordable, high quality health care for all _____________ residents.
  2. The _____________ Mayor shall notify the Governor of Colorado, our county commissioners and our state and federal legislative representatives of this endorsement and encourage them to support and co-sponsor legislation such as H.R. 1384, The Medicare for All Act of 2019, and any other subsequent legislation that provides a comprehensive Improved Medicare for All form of universal health care (not a public option or Medicare for Some).

City of _____________