Ivan J. Miller, Ph.D. — Executive Director

Ivan Miller is a psychologist in private practice who has worked in health care reform since 1994. He has worked in the public mental health system, been an entrepreneur leading a group of 70 psychotherapists, been a leader in patient advocacy, served as a leader in advocacy for health care professionals, and is an employer. Believing that single payer was the foundation for curing the health care system, he and his colleagues thought that traditional single payer still needed improvement and flexibility. Collaborating with consumers and professionals, he developed a hybrid model of health care reform, called Balanced Choice, that inserts some market forces in a single payer system, and in 2006, published a book, Balanced Choice: A Common Sense Cure for the U.S. Health Care Systems, a proposal designed to serve consumers, benefit providers, and relieve employers. Present and past activities include:

Public mental health services for 18 years, including administration of hospital services
Private Practice, Psychology, 27 years
President of the Boulder Psychotherapists’ Guild for 17 years
Treasurer, Boulder Independent Business Alliance
Board Member, American Psychological Association, Division of Independent Practice
Co-chair, American Psychological Association, Interdivisional (39/42) Task Force on Managed Care and Health Care Reform, 10 years
Executive Director, National Coalition of Mental Health Professionals and Consumers
Chair of the Patient Advocacy Coalition, 10 years
Treasurer, Health Care for All Colorado and Health Care for All Colorado Foundation
Volunteer Health Care Policy Advisor for Senator Irene Aguilar

Sara Wright Director of Programs and Communications

Sara Wright is a writer and journalist who wrote her first story on health care—an investigative report on Boulder’s nursing homes—at age 17. In addition to writing and editing for newspapers and websites in Colorado and in South Carolina, she has worked in the healthcare field in marketing for a group purchasing organization; in insurance billing for a physician; and in patient care as a certified massage therapist. Her roles as small business entrepreneur (The Wright Word, Ltd.), mother, and Type I diabetic all give her first-hand understanding of the need for quality, affordable health care available to all.

Patricia Rice — Director of Social Media

A former science and environmental reporter, Patricia had been a social media and media professional for eight years, specializing in the coverage of health care reform politics. She was the Media and Social Media Director for ColoradoCare YES and worked on the campaign for ColoradoCare, Amendment 69, in 2016, which received widespread national coverage when ColoradoCare YES delivered 158,000 signatures to the Colorado Secretary of State to put ColoradoCare, a universal health care system for the state of Colorado, on the ballot.

Patricia is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, graduate school of journalism and also has a Masters in physics.

During her downtime, Patricia plots next year’s perfect garden, plays piano, reads voluminously, and spends hours in the gym.

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