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Organize in your community! Check out these ideas how: http://couniversalhealth.org/communityorganizingideas/
Contact Community Organizing Coordinator Elaine Branjord: EBranjord(at) gmail.com

Local governments resolutions for IM4A (Public Citizen)
Rich Shannon, a Fort Collins businessman, will delve into this campaign in a breakout session at the 4th Annual Universal Health Care Conference June 29 in Denver.
City Councils, contact Rich Shannon: rshannon(at)frii.com, (970) 481-4438
County governments, contact Laurie Beckel: lfbdewdrop6852(at)gmail.com; (303) 909-8235
Click here for a sample resolution
Click here for a sample position statement

Candidate Liaison Project for the 2020 election: The Foundation will partner with universal health care activists and empower them with tools. The goal is to assign a candidate liaison to every candidate running in office in Colorado.

“We’ll make sure all candidates have the information they need to either become universal health care proponents, or at least understand what the arguments are for UHC,” Candidate Liaison Project c0-coordinator Laurie Beckel. “And for those candidates already on board, we’ll empower them to become the policy drivers when they get elected. They can become the next Rep. Emily Sirota, Rep. Sonya Jaquez-Lewis, or Sen. Mike Foote.” Contact Laurie Beckel, Candidate Liaison Project Co-Coordinator: lfbdewdrop6852(at)gmail.com

Statewide Foundation needs funds

To fund the work passed in the Health Care Cost Savings Act
(Anyone who’s good at fundraising or grantwriting, let us know)
We really believe good data will help make the strong case for improved Medicare for All/universal health care in Colorado.
Need to raise $13 million for the 2022 campaign

Join the Fundraising Task Force email Sara: swrigh(at)couniversalhealth.org   and Contribute Today!

Host an improved Medicare for All Panel. This panel can represent the current partnerships currently working together. Panel presentations, especially with a good moderator, are not only easy but effective in educating – instead of the simplistic sound bites that are on all sides right now. They also get people active! The Foundation offers help to anyone who would like to hold a What is IM4A? event in their community.

Contact: Nancy Reed NancyKathrynReed(at)gmail.com; Elaine Branjord: ebranjor(at)gmail.com or Madi Jacobs, MD: drdharmamadikk(at)gmail.com

Host a “Fixit” or “Big Pharma, Market Failure” movie night

Contact: Sara Wright, swright(at)couniversalhealth.org

Host a “Health Care for All” movie night
Contact: Madi Jacobs, MD: drdharmamadik(at)gmail.com

Host a Mod Market fundraiser for the Foundation (Next one scheduled is July 24 in Boulder July 24)

Contact: Kristine Hembre: kristine(at)flowcaregivercoaching.com

Three Easy things: King Soopers (Kroger), Safeway, Amazon

Hold a Facebook Fundraiser for the Foundation

Volunteer needs

Communications assistant
Website designer
Audio-visual volunteer