Talking Points: Health Care Cost Analysis Act HB19-1176

I want to keep universal health care on the table because…(personal reason or brief story)

The Health Care Cost Savings Act:

  • Provides “Just the facts”
  • We need to see how three different ways of paying for health care compare in affordability and costs/benefits to society
  • We pay almost twice as much for health care as other countries that have better outcomes.
  • Getting needed care shouldn’t impoverish anyone
  • We need to know if we can pay for universal, full coverage that each of us can afford
  • To be compared: How we pay for health care now; covering all Coloradans in a multi-payer system that is publicly and privately funded; and covering all Coloradans with a privately delivered and publicly financed universal system that directly compensates providers
  • Improving how we pay for health care should be driven by evidence, not ideology or special interests
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8 Responses to Talking Points: Health Care Cost Analysis Act HB19-1176

  1. Linda H Thompson says:

    The Health Care Cost Savings Act is the first step in crafting workable and affordable health care coverage. It is a logical and helpful first step in providing to the people of Colorado the best possible health care plan. Please support it.

  2. Toni Francis says:

    Many Americans are now covered by their employers’ health insurance. Others who have private care, like it and want to keep it.

    Single payer must be made available to all who want it – no waiting period, no exceptions (such as pre-condition exclusions, annual caps, lifetime caps, etc). Our health care is the most expensive while the quality of care and the outcomes (infant mortality rate, life expectancy, etc) are poorer by far and sinking fast. Obviously, the current system is failing us. Give the American people the affordable, high quality health care we deserve.

  3. Jim Barber says:

    There is no mystery to the reason for high cost when high profits are allowed. The greatest efficiency can be gained by a nonprofit, self-insurance program in which all parties contribute (as they are able) and all parties are eligible for the benefits. Three to five percent overhead is (was?) the cost for the U.S government to run Medicare.
    Build a chicken coop that keeps the foxes out, Take away the “cap” loophole for wealthy people and there will be enough income to support the system, even for those with no income to contribute.

  4. ELLEN AKNIN says:

    I want to keep universal health care on the table because I was the victim of an attempted murder/suicide. Without Medicare I would never be able to get health insurance. Other people have their own stories. Health care should be a right not a privilege.

  5. Trudy B Brown says:

    An issue I have dealt with for the past 6 years (and on some level may still face with Medicare) is that almost every year I have had to change insurance carrier or policy. I hope that this is something that can somehow be addressed whatever system we decide is best.

  6. ELLEN AKNIN says:

    I want to keep universal health care on the table because everyone deserves access to health care at an affordable price.

    Back in 1993 I was shot by my then husband (he suicided immediately after). I have been on Medicare every since. I have had substantial health issues. Medicare has been there for me. The thought that others don’t have this type of access to health care is very disturbing.

  7. Arlis Adolf, M.D. says:

    I think your study is a good option but would suggest you also look at the model that has been promoted nationally by The Physicians for a National Health Program. They have tons of data over many years of research, so you wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel. Though I have supported a universal health program for many years because I think it is immoral that so many don’t have access to health care, I don’t think Colorado can afford to do one by itself. We would have a situation like we did with Marijuana, in which people moved here from all over to access that “benefit”. I applaud you for studying this issue further before anything goes on the ballot again.

  8. Vincent Nicoletti says:

    We need to be able to compare apples to apples. That means we need just the facts. All the facts. Comparing all the alternatives is imparitive. Why do we pay twice as much as other developed countries for healthcare and get half as much bang for the buck? Ideology should play no part in deciding how to improve our healthcare.

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