Volunteer Resources

We’d love to support you to organize for universal health care in your community! Here are some ideas for organizing. The Foundation has tools and can help! Contact Community Organizing Coordinator EBranjord(at)gmail.com

Scroll down for fact sheets, Signs to print out (or have printed), talking points, handouts and more:

Take Action half sheet for events

Community Organizers’ Toolkit for working with legislators

Universal health care: How will we pay for it? flier

Chart: Compare national reform plans

Paper universal health petition for events in PDF. Note: Please collect signers’ info and email in an Excel file or .csv file and email to SWrightUniversalHealth(at)gmail.com. If you don’t have time, scan the pages and email or mail copies to 350 Broadway, Suite 210, Boulder, CO 80305. You can sign the online petition here.

Biz cards for volunteers

Values-based slideshow (as a PDF). Speakers can request the Powerpoint: NancyKathrynReed@gmail.com

Double-sided cardstock is best for self-printing. To have larger signs printed, download and email the file, and ask the printer to print double sided on regular paper and laminate OR print double-sided on card stock.

Health Care for the 100%

Health Care for Everyone

Medicare for All!

Guaranteed Health Care (2)

Foundation sign for events (11X17 to have printed, laminated)

More resources

Health Care conversation starters
(Can be used to replace #3 for those hosting  Living Room Conversation on health care.)


Half page “Questions” flyer

1/4-Page Black & White

Half Page Color

Take Action half-page sheets for events

Half Page Black & White

Half page color: Health care and the environment

Fact Sheets
County Governments and Improved Medicare for All


Key books and films (short list)

Event sign-in sheet (PDF)

Volunteer involvement form

Calendar posting guidelines

Bill Moyer’s “History is a Weapon” Stage Six Grand Strategies

Talking points: Health Care for Everyone

Community Organizers’ Toolkit for working with legislators

Sample health care plank

Talk with your legislator re: working on a bill with us

Engage Team Welcome Packet