Wendell Potter to keynote June UHC converence

Wendell Potter

Former Health Insurance Executive turned universal health champion Wendell Potter will give the keynote address at the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care’s annual conference, to be held June 29, 2019 in Denver.

Potter founded the Tarbell Institute to and pioneer investigative journalism into money and polities. It just released: “Top Democrats are taking health care industry cash then opposing candidates who support Medicare for All.”

“Wendell Potter is a leader in the fight to save American democratic government by the people and in the quest to provide everyone affordable quality health care,” said Jeanne Nicholson, RN, MS, vice chair of the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care’s Board of Directors.

“We are over the moon he’ll headline our conference next year. Momentum in the movement for health care for everyone in Colorado is growing by leaps and bounds.”

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