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We are a nonprofit aiming to win health care for everyone in Colorado and the US


Push to Pass the Emergency Health Care Guarantee Act

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A physician protests for Medicare for All in 2017 in Baltimore.

Improved Medicare for All (IM4A) Explained

The most beloved and tested single payer health payment system in the U.S. is Medicare, which works. Now let's make it work even better and expand it to everyone.

To seek care or not to seek care: the fear of being uninsured during a pandemic

As a young woman in my 20s, I know many people my age who are no stranger to the lifestyle of the proverbial “starving college student;” however, many of them are not students at all, but full-time employed young people who struggle to pay rent and put food on the table, let alone pay for health care during a pandemic.

Universal health care would help cure COVID-19, racial injustice

Lincoln, my friend of 20 years, called in early April to let me know that he had taken his mother to the doctor on two separate occasions and her symptoms were minimized, dismissed and she was sent home. The third and final time the staff decided to test her. That’s when they discovered his mother had COVID-19. She died later that day.

Our Story

The Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care (CO4UHC) champions a single payer universal health care system (such as improved Medicare for All)—the simplest, most cost effective way to care for everyone.  

Sometimes states must shine as beacons of innovation. Colorado could lead the way. We are the only group working on a universal health care plan for Colorado. We also work for national improved Medicare for All. Everyone deserves health care. We at CO4UHC will continue our work until every single human has the health care they need when they need it.

CF4UHC was founded in 1996 as the Patient Advocacy Coalition to help people overturn denials from health insurance companies and access affordable health care. Our work taught us that the U.S. for-profit health insurance industry system is broken; small tweaks will only make it more complicated and expensive; and the proven way to finance great health care for all affordably is with universal health care. In 2011, our Board of Directors voted to change our name to the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care.

Our Mission

Simple Guaranteed Quality Health Care For All For Life


One complete plan you can count on, not hundreds to fall through.


If you live here, you’re covered.


Providers spend more time on care, less on data entry and fighting for reimbursements.


Health care needs covered with full choice of provider.


People’s needs, not profits, gets the incentives right.

For All


For Life

From cradle to grave.

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