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A mixed crowd of humans wear masks with slogans that read "Fix health care," "Save people. Save money. IM4A" and "Improved Medicare for All!"

What’s improved in Improved Medicare for All (IM4A)

Medicare is, by far, Americans' favorite payer for health care. But it's not perfect. Both House and Senate Medicare for All bills IMPROVE on Medicare as well as extending it to all. Here's how.
Stand up to Bully #1 Big Pharma with Improved Medicare for All. Shows cartoon of guy holding Epipen with 500% markup.

Oppose for-profit cartels through Medicare for All

While more than 12 million Americans have lost health care coverage with the arrival of Covid-19, a cartel of insurance, drug, and large hospital corporations is spending big against Medicare for All.
View of the U.S. Capitol from the west front paired with ways to contact U.S. Congress members

Congress: Help Americans now with real health care

The Emergency Health Care Guarantee Act (S-3790 and HR-6906 respectively), would cover all out-of-pocket charges for those with insurance and all charges for those without any coverage during the pandemic and cost LESS than extending Cobra.

Our Story

At the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care (CO4UHC), we care about the people and all life on Earth. From diverse backgrounds with significant talents, we believe that everyone who needs health care should have it, period. The simplest, easiest, most affordable way to do that is with a single payer universal health care system.

Apart from two part-time staff people, volunteers run our movement. We share a commitment to work until everyone has the health care they need, when they need it. 

States must shine as beacons of innovation. Colorado could lead the way toward improved Medicare for all Coloradans. We are the only group working on universal health care for Colorado. We support Improved Medicare for All nationally such as Sen. Bernie Sanders’ and Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s bills. We’ll take universal health whichever way comes first!

Founded in 1996 as the Patient Advocacy Coalition, the Foundation formed to help people overturn denials from health insurance companies and access affordable health care. Our work taught us that the U.S. for-profit health insurance industry system is broken; small tweaks will only make it more complicated and expensive; and the proven way to finance great health care affordably is with universal health care. In 2011, our Board of Directors voted to change our name to the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care. 

Our Mission

Simple Guaranteed Quality Health Care For All For Life


One complete plan you can count on, not hundreds to fall through.


If you live here, you’re covered.


Providers spend more time on care, less on data entry and fighting for reimbursements.


Health care needs covered with full choice of provider.


People’s needs, not profits, gets the incentives right.

For All


For Life

From cradle to grave.

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