Medicare for All Will Keep Us Safer

 Bill Semple: Improved Medicare for All Will Keep Us Safer

Our current patchwork of health care coverage, with its gaps, bureaucratic obstacles, high deductibles, co-pays, surprise billings, prior authorizations, claims denials, stagnant wages and narrow networks of providers leave us vulnerable.

This is the teachable moment we are in. We don’t know the reach of the coronavirus, but we do see the important message: “Be prepared.” And, we need to pull together to prepare well.

With a cough and fever now, should I see a provider? What will it cost me out of pocket? Most Americans don’t know and in fact can’t say. It’s a wild card.

It’s clear that we don’t stay healthy alone. While hand-washing is important, we depend on all of us getting prompt diagnosis and treatment to minimize the spread of infections.

While Americans understandably fear losing employer sponsored health care, it is a big leap to the improved Medicare for All that the majority want. We must transition from paying twice as much for health care that works for those at the top of the insurance, drug and hospital corporations, while leaving us vulnerable.

With the bargaining power of Medicare for All, we can assure that the prices we are paying for drugs and hospital care are fair. We will have health care of, by and for the people.




Bill Semple, Board Chair, Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care








This Letter to the Editor was published March 13 in the Boulder Daily Camera.



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