Will You Still Need Me When I’m 64?

Nancy Kathryn Reed urges folks to stay safe now—while urging a safer health care future for everyone.


Nancy Kathryn Reed has worked as both a physician’s assistant and lawyer. She now contributes her time as a Speaker’s Team trainer and Strategy Team member for the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care (CO4UHC) so that we can have health care for every human, no matter what “Kind” of human!

Dear friend,

Will you still need me when I’m 64? Hope so. I turn 64 this month and my birthday request is that you support the organization to which I have donated thousands of hours and thousands of dollars. It is an organization devoted to making health care available for all when they need it and without financial hardship.

Health care is necessary for life, liberty and happiness.  We all live in fragile human bodies that will get sick, injure and age.

Before Covid-19, 30 million Americans had no insurance; 70 million had plans with such high deductibles that they could not afford to seek care. One third of Americans delayed medical care because of cost. Delaying care spreads the virus.

Our communities and country are now much worse off with climbing mass unemployment and the loss of workplace health insurance.

People living in countries with universal health care – ALL democracies with market economies except the US – are free from this worry. Health care is not tied to employment and everyone is covered.*

We can do this, too – together.

The Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care supports Improved Medicare for All for our nation as we work toward a universal health care plan for Colorado. Colorado is the state that could show the way to a national health care program just like Saskatchewan did for Canada.

Your financial support to keep at this work to win is needed. If you can make a monthly donation these ongoing gifts sustain our work.

Please Donate

Please take care, stay safe and stay well. 

With gratitude,

 ~Nancy K. Reed

Nancy Kathyn Reed, Strategy Team, Speakers Team Volunteer
Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care

*Number of people who could lose health care when they lose their job.

Australia              0

Belgium               0

Canada                0

Denmark             0

Finland                0

France                 0

Germany             0

Iceland                0

Ireland                0

Israel                   0

Italy                    0

Japan                  0

Netherlands         0

New Zealand        0 

Norway                0

Spain                   0

South Korea        0

Sweden               0

Switzerland          0

Taiwan                0

United Kingdom   0

United States       160,000,000


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