Updated Simple Strategy December, 2020

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Pass emergency care for all via the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act

We have formed a coalition of several Colorado groups to “Push to Pass” the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act, which would give everyone access to health care during the pandemic. The bill, which was introduced in 2020, would enable Medicare to cover expenses for all those without insurance and cover all out-of-pocket costs for those with insurance for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis. Americans need this bill passed now or its provisions included in a stimulus bill.

Pass U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna’s State-Based Universal Health care Act 

This federal legislation would provide states with historic access to federal funding streams and regulator flexibility to implement and support affordable, universal health care plans. 

Pass Improved Medicare for All (IM4A)

  • Our Medical Professionals for Universal Health Care (MP4UHC) is a fast-growing group of Colorado providers dedicated to enacting IM4A.
  • The Candidate Liaison Project pairs volunteers with candidates for office to build awareness of the health care payment system’s casualties, as well as solutions.
  • The IM4A Resolutions campaign (with Public Citizen) aims to get Colorado cities and county governments to support and endorse improved Medicare for All.
  • We are growing our presence on social media with engaging and effective media education and activism for single payer universal health care/IM4A.
  • Our monthly grassroots calls continue to bring in new, talented volunteers
  • The new website is continuing to expand with original content development and research to grow the movement.
  • The Colorado Push to Pass Coalition will work to pass IM4A.

Colorado Strategy

Win simple guaranteed quality health care for every Coloradan

  • Our plans are to keep Colorado grassroots activists motivated and active.
  • We will continue to help, monitor progress, and liaise with Health Care Cost Savings Act Task Force members to ensure their effort delivers useful results. This 2019 act passed the Colorado Legislature with bipartisan support and was signed by Gov. Jared Polis. Our supporters wrote emails and testified to help pass the act, which will result in a study comparing health care as it is now with two forms of universal health care in Colorado.
  • Bill-writing for new, improved Colorado Universal Health Care plan is underway.
  • CO4UHC will seek a bill sponsor for a referred measure of this Colorado plan bill soon
  • If the bill doesn’t get onto the ballot by referral, the next step would be to run a Citizens Initiative Campaign to get it onto the ballot.
  • Support successful campaign for Colorado Universal Health Care!

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