Imagine! Health Care that Cares for You inspires future vision

Participants at the June 24 Imagine! Health Care that Cares for You event shared in the chat their vision for how universal health care would improve lives.

We will at last be a developed and civilized society when we have universal healthcare that is high quality~Radhika Nath- Denver CO.

All humans will be able to access health care without bankruptcy and home loss from cradle to grave~Madi Jacobs, MD:

Healthcare is a human right. End of story~Seth Weinberger Avon, CO

Health Care for Everyone Everywhere All the Time~Allison from Longmont, CO

People with disabilities will be treated with care and dignity~Angelica from Boulder, CO

Health care for all equals a sense of community, happiness~Eileen Monyok, Boulder, CO

I will finally be able to get some surgery done that I’ve been putting off for over a decade~Brandon from Denver, CO.

I envision a nation where everyone has access to free medical care and never have to worry about receiving quality care because of socioeconomic status~Robert Davis, Denver CO.

Universal health care is the most important step for social justice in health care~Ronnie Shure, Health Care for All – Washington.

I envision no longer worrying about insurance or what is or is not covered~Mary from Denver, CO

Assessible health care for all people~Cleo Dioletis from Denver, CO

Universal Health care: One less thing to worry about~Pam Parks, MD Pueblo, CO

It will mean a huge improvement over Medicare as it stands today. No networks. No caps. Every doctor being accessible to you. So much more! ~Pat Malone, Arvada, CO

Support for wellness in mind, body, spirit~Cathy Blake – Arvada, CO

I have been studying healthcare since age 21 when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Imagine not having to be limited by networks to get my power wheelchair fixed~Steven Field

Imagine health care free from profiteering, where everyone living in this country could receive any health care needed without any concern for cost~Sydney J. Florence, CO

A society in which economic security is taken for granted and you don’t have to worry that if you get sick you will be taken care of and not have your life destroyed at the very least~Dave Anderson Boulder, Colo

IMAGINE Universal Health Care, with optimal health and wellness care for you, and all individuals, families and communities! IMAGINE!~Pat DeWald from Evergreen, Colorado

I imagine I will feel as the journalist and author Anand Giridharadas described when he received health care in London. Receiving care in the US will feel like being hugged by 331 million people~Elaine Branjord, Fort Collins, CO

If God wanted us to have health care that cares for us, he would never have given us GoFundMe~David Burns

Health Care allowing young folks to thrive in their gender identity, race, and medical conditions~Ezra (Young Peoples Campaign UHC)

I imagine health care justice for all~Virginia Gebhart

The US will finally join the rest of the civilized world and this will make us a better country and a better member of the world~Jim Potter and Nancy Reed, Cotopaxi, CO.

I imagine the freedom of lifestyle that occurs when healthcare comes with being an American resident. The humanity of communities increase and inequities begin to crumble~Kristine Hembre

But how can we ever afford this??? (just kidding)~Steven Field

If we pay a reasonable tax according to our means to fund IM4A, and if we are having a good year medically and are not technically getting back every tax dollar, we are helping fund the whole system. I think this is very American and very patriotic~Geoff Dolman

Don’t forget that instead of paying premiums to a corporation, you’d be paying them to the government (which doesn’t have to make a profit). ~Brandon ‘Kid’ Barrett, CO

I imagine that health care professionals will be able to use their education, training and experience to help people without the interference of non-health care professionals who care more about profits than people. I imagine that health care professionals will not face moral injury due to working in an environment that does not support their professional and moral values~Virginia Gebhart

America is ready-LET’S MAKE THE BREAK~Kristine Hembre

YES! IMAGINE HEALTH and SOCIAL JUSTICE for ALL! We can and will do this~Mary Pat DeWald

Single Payer Universal Health Care is the economic and social justice issue of our time~Virginia Gebhart

It’s the civil rights issue of our time~Dave Anderson

No saviour from on high delivers No faith have we in prince or peer Our own right hand the chains must shiver Chains of hatred, greed and fear E’er the thieves will out with their booty And give to all a happier lot. Each at the forge must do their duty And we’ll strike while the iron is hot~David Burns

Young People’s Campaign for Universal Health Care is an organization advocating for Medicare and Medicaid while ultimately seeking a Universal Health Care system. The Campaign is primarily focused on bridging racial disparity in health care, improving health for young people, and providing coverage for mental health and gender-affirming surgeries. We do this through legislative actions, (twitter storms, lobbying, etc.) education campaigns and awareness, and art and music.

For more Info, or any Questions email ~Ezra (Young Peoples Campaign UHC)

NY Health produced this wonderful ad comparing health insurance to fire insurance. Please watch it, share it and use this: ~Jan Phillips, Durango, CO

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