Imagine that you carry a health care card in your wallet that guarantees you’ll be able to see your doctor, fill your prescriptions, and receive any needed health care easily.

Your health care is pre-paid. There are no surprise bills, because every medical provider in America takes your card. Anything you’re asked to pay will be reasonable and easy to afford. There are no deductibles and few to no copays. You and your doctor can decide what care you need and order it without having to seek approval from your health insurance company.

When you or anyone in your family — or your friends, neighbors, or coworkers — gets sick or injured, they can focus on getting well. No hospital, lab, imaging, pharmacy or cancer treatment center will be able to shock you when you’re sick with staggering medical bills you have no idea how you’ll ever be able to pay.



Imagine the peace of mind, knowing you can count on having health care even if you need to go to part-time to care for your children and/or aging parents, get laid-off, or start the company you’ve always dreamed on launching.

Imagine yourself well and happy, as you deserve to be, without any stress over how to keep you and your family in health care. And you can depend on receiving the health care you need — no matter how serious the illness or injury or what your treatment costs — even if you were too sick or injured to work.



Imagine if every medical provider could focus on your health rather than how you’ll pay. Doctors, nurses, and all providers learn how to care for us well, only to have to spend hours fighting to get care approved or documenting to get services paid.

Imagine a health care payment system that puts your health first, not profits.


We want health care based on our needs, not the profits of the few.

Imagine health care you can rely on. A nonprofit universal health care payment system’s one job is to pay providers well to deliver the health care and mental health care each of us needs to live healthy, happy, and well as we can.



Let’s put the care back in health care. Let doctors and nurses do their work. Let folks see their health professionals when they need to.

Those who profit on today’s broken health care system have built a labyrinthian maze between patients and providers, acting as thug middlemen by demanding ever-increasing ransom for your care. These cartels hold Americans hostage. Big pharma, health insurers, and for-profit hospitals can charge whatever they want, and those who can pay will because we all want to live. And many can’t pay.

Enough! Our health care payment system’s job is to pay health care providers well for helping everyone live well.

Let’s heal our broken health care system with universal health care.

For All

Health care for every human, no matter what kind of human.

For Life

Child, single, married, divorced, student, full-time, part-time, contract, laid off, retired: all are covered.