Bill Semple

Chairman of the board

Bill Semple, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, has treated clients for over 20 years in a nonprofit community mental health center, gaining a profound appreciation for the strengths of a systems approach to health care. Recently, he worked in private practice for 10 years and—because of his commitment to providing insurance-based health care—has experienced the fractured nature of the reimbursement systems with all their complexities, inadequacies, and gaps. As a provider, he is dedicated to creating an efficient, single, publicly accountable way to pay for health care, so that the focus can be providing quality care that is inclusive and affordable to all. 

Semple’s experience as a social worker working in community health and private practice gave him a profound appreciation for the inherent gaps, inequities, and inefficiencies in how we pay for health care. He has seen first hand the many ways people can fall through the cracks. He believes people power can make it evident that we are all not only created equal, but can live together as equals.

“When my wife was living the last eight years of her life with breast cancer, by luck, my employer coverage had no deductibles,” Semple said. “We had a lot to deal with, but we were not bankrupted. I support universal health care and won’t fully rest till we have Improved Medicare for All.”  Download the board packet here. 

Other Positions Held

  • President, Cooperate Colorado
  • Board Member, Coalition for Colorado Universal Health Care
  • Former member, Citizens Review Board, Boulder Country Health and Human Services
  • Former Chair, Professional Advisory Board, Mental Health Center of Boulder County
  • Former Board Member, Community of Sudanese and American Women/Me