Lori Heintzelman, Ph.D.

Lori S. Heintzelman holds a PhD in Linguistics (socio-cultural emphasis) from the University of Colorado-Boulder. Exploring how language shapes beliefs and perceptions—and ultimately actions in the social world—is a source of endless fascination, and sometimes despair. She currently applies that knowledge in the HR realm of mental health administration. One of her first jobs out of undergrad was to help develop a medical clinic for uninsured people in Grand Junction, CO. That small clinic, opened in 1988, is now Marillac Health—a greatly expanded Federally Qualified Community Health Center. Lori is also a 2-time cancer survivor—first diagnosed at age 36—and knows that a person can make all the right lifestyle choices and still become seriously ill.

“Because cancer runs in my family, lifelong affordable access to surveillance and early detection is essential for me to remain a functional, productive member of society,” she said.   “Those services, as well as preventative care and timely treatment of any illness or injury, should not be out of reach for anyone in this nation of plenty. It is a moral imperative—and in our economic best interests—to move to a non-profit health care system that is not tied to employment.