Nancy Reed, JD, PA-C

Secretary of the board

Trained as a physician assistant and lawyer, Nancy Reed is passionate that everyone have health care. She has experience in a variety of health care settings, including training, low-income services, rural private practice, corrections, and international health care.  She’s volunteered her time as a primary care provider, administrator, instructor, board member, and grant writer.

Prior to volunteering with CO4UHC, Reed was a founding member of the Board of the Chaffee County People’s Clinic, which provided health care services in Salida and Buena Vista for people who were low-income and without insurance. 

“Because I believe in racial justice, income equality, immigrant rights and health care as a human right, I volunteer for CO4UHC because it has a plan that will change a system of injustice to one of fairness for all Coloradans.” ~Nancy Reed