Jim Potter, JD, Legislative Action Team Coordinator

Jim Potter, JD

Legislative Action Coordinator

Jim Potter earned his JD from Columbia University.  He is a retired civil rights lawyer with a particular passion for supporting people with HIV/AIDS, having served as President of the Chicago Recovery Alliance Board of Directors and as an International HIV/AIDs adviser for Concern America in Mozambique. 

Potter is committed to ending corporate control of our health care system and providing universal health care for every American, no matter what their station in life happens to be. 

“Is this really the system that Americans have chosen, or is it the product of the corporate corruption of our democracy?  Money, lobbyists, campaign contributions and promises of lucrative future employment for legislators have shaped our health care policy rather than what is just, moral and humane – such as simply covering everyone with a system like improved Medicare for All.” ~Jim Potter

Potter, as CO4UHC Legislative Action Coordinator, advocated tirelessly for the Health Care Cost Savings Act of 2019, which passed the Colorado legislature with bipartisan support. It led to the Colorado School of Public Health analysis released by the Act’s Task Force on Sept. 1, 2021