Priority vaccines for homeless & incarcerated

As a voice for justice in health care, the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care supports the homeless and the incarcerated receiving phase 1b priority for vaccinations against COVID-19. In shelters, jails, and prisons, people spend extended periods indoors and in close contact —classic super spreader conditions. Many come and go back into the general population. The well-being of these people and Colorado’s population overall calls for immediate action.

Coloradans for Universal Health Care

Americans pay twice as much for health care and medications as people in other advanced countries, even though they cover all their citizens and have better health outcomes than the U.S. We support a universal health payment system that ensures quality, affordable, lifetime health care for every Coloradan.

Medical Professionals for Universal Health Care

I am a health care professional who wants to provide people with the care they need to live and thrive.  I endorse changing to a simplified, affordable system that pays for health care, not massive corporate profits. One that:

  • Covers everyone from cradle to grave
  • Places patient care first
  • Values the relationship between health care professionals and patients
  • Compensates providers well