Every Longmont resident should have access to comprehensive, quality health care including vision, hearing, dental, and mental health services, City Council members affirmed Tuesday, April 25 by passing a Resolution by the Longmont City Council Endorsing Improved Medicare for All as the State or National Health System. With the council’s unanimous vote, Longmont joins a growing… Read More »Longmont City Council passes resolution for Improved Medicare for All

Sara Wright

April 26th 2023

The Denver City Council on Monday passed a Proclamation Endorsing Improved Medicare for All as the State or National Health System.  Joining almost 100 US cities including Fort Collins, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Milwaukie, Tucson, Seattle, Minneapolis, and the Town of Jamestown, Colo., the Denver Council took this action to stand for the wellbeing of everyone… Read More »Denver passes Proclamation for Improved Medicare for All!

Sara Wright

October 25th 2022

Almost half of Americans are saddled with medical debt, and many aren’t sure they’ll ever pay it back.

Sara Wright

July 5th 2022

From the slave patrols of the 19th century to patrolling neighborhoods in the 21st century, police have been one of, if not the most destructive and oppressive forces in the Black community. In the 21st century, we can expand that to say Black and Brown communities.

Robert Davis

May 14th 2021

In today’s era marked by mass shootings, worry over the safety of children in schools has increased, and understandably so. Research shows that policing schools actually does more harm than good, especially for students’ mental health. Meanwhile, having enough school counselors is proven to help.

Kate Howard

May 12th 2021

On March 17, U.S. Reps. Pramila Jayapal and Debbie Dingell made history when they introduced a new, improved House Medicare for All Act of 2021.


March 18th 2021

Lack of good health care and medical debt can both contribute to a person becoming homeless. Once homeless, living on the streets is dangerous to one’s health.


March 15th 2021

Stephany Rose Spaulding, founder of Truth & Conciliation and a CO4UHC Board member, says the filibuster must go for Congress to make any substantial progressive progress. Rev. Spaulding also serves as Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.


March 10th 2021