America boasts of having the most technologically advanced health care delivery system in the world and yet this technology remains unaffordable for many. As cities and towns continue to address the issues of the homeless, they place affordable housing at the center but neglect the connection between health care and homelessness.

Sara Wright

April 27th 2023

by Fred Schulte, Kaiser Health News and Holly K. Hacker December 13, 2022 In April 2016, government auditors asked a Blue Cross Medicare Advantage health plan in Minnesota to turn over medical records of patients treated by a podiatry practice whose owner had been indicted for fraud. Medicare had paid the Blue Cross plan more… Read More »How Medicare Advantage Plans Dodged Auditors and Overcharged Taxpayers by Millions

Sara Wright

January 30th 2023

Almost half of Americans are saddled with medical debt, and many aren’t sure they’ll ever pay it back.

Sara Wright

July 5th 2022

While more than 12 million Americans have lost health care coverage with the arrival of Covid-19, a cartel of insurance, drug, and large hospital corporations is spending big against Medicare for All.


May 1st 2021

Even though statistics on COVID-19’s impact on elders are tragic and frightening, we can’t undermine the negative effects that this pandemic is also having on the younger generation.


January 29th 2021

The most beloved and tested single payer health payment system in the U.S. is Medicare, which works. Now let’s make it work even better and expand it to everyone.


November 16th 2020

Americans agree on two key priorities for our health care. Neither is happening.


October 23rd 2020

One of the key factors causing Americans to die from COVID-19 is the U.S. for-profit health care system itself. And yes, it’s worse here than in other countries.


October 9th 2020